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Yandex Advanced Search

You can specify one or more search parameters:

Simple query:

Always contains:
Operator "" — in the search results will be "exact phrase", synonyms are excluded.
Not contain:
Operator - — this stop word should not be included in the search results.
Synonyms: or
Operator | — search on the first or second word, two-word results may also be present.
Operator ! — word search taking into account the morphology of the language, i.e. in the indicated declension (case).
Operator title: — search for sites with the specified word in the page title
Search in documents:
Operator mime: — search in documents of the specified type
Search works with documents: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, rtf, ppt, odt, swf, odp, odg, pptx, html, ods.
Search Language:
Operator lang: — search in a given language

Search works with languages:
  • en - English;
  • ru - Russian;
  • uk - Ukrainian;
  • be - Belarusian;
  • kk - Kazakh;
  • tt - Tatar;
  • tr - Turkish;
  • de - German;
  • fr - French

Operator url: — Search for pages hosted at a given address (URL).
To find all documents whose addresses begin with a given value, put the symbol at the end of the URL *.
Operator site: — search in all subdomains and pages of the specified site.
Operator host: — search for pages hosted on this host.
Operator domain: — search for pages located on the specified domain.