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Google Advanced Search

You can specify one or more search parameters:

Simple query:

Always contains:
Operator "" — in the search results will be "exact phrase", synonyms are excluded.
Not contain:
Operator - — this stop word should not be included in the search results.
Synonyms: or
Operator | (can be used OR) — search for the first or second word, there may also be results for two words.
Range: and
Operator .. — search results in a specified numerical range.
Photo Size: x
Operator imagesize: — search for images in the specified size.
Operator site: — information search only within the specified domain
Operator intitle: — search for sites with the specified word in the page title
Word in URL:
Operator inurl: — search results with the specified word in the url of pages
Price search:
Operator $ or — search with a specified price. Works correctly for $ and €
Page Cache:
Operator cache: — displays the latest version of the page cache in a Google index
File type:
Operator filetype: — restricts the search for the specified file type
Similar sites:
Operator related: — Search for sites whose content Google associates with the content of the specified site.
Value Calculator: in
Operator in — the translation of some mathematical, physical or financial units into others.
Operator map: — search for a specified place on Google maps.
Operator source: — search for information on the specified media. The news item must be in Google News.
Operator define: — Google built-in dictionary — translates and displays the meaning of a word or phrase.
Operator weather: — weather in the specified city, region or country. Google displays a weather forecast snippet and forecast sites for the region.
Operator stocks: — stock quotes of these shares. Google displays a snippet with the current rate and price chart and sites with stock quotes.
Movie info:
Operator movie: — Search for movie descriptions, videos and ratings.