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Bing Advanced Search

You can specify one or more search parameters:

Simple query:

Always contains:
Operator "" — in the search results will be "exact phrase", synonyms are excluded.
Not contain:
Operator - — this stop word should not be included in the search results.
Synonyms: or
Operator OR — search for the first or second word, there may also be results for two words.
Group of words:
Operator () — search for pages with a specified list of words
Containing file:
Operator contains: — search site pages containing a specific file
Operator language: — search for sites in the specified language
Operator site: — search for information within the specified domain and subdomains
File type:
Operator filetype: — restricts the search for the specified file type
Operator intitle: — search for sites with the specified word in the page title
The text on the page:
Operator inbody: — search for results with the specified word in the text of the site page
Description text:
Operator meta: — search for results with the specified word in the description text (meta tags) of the site